I am a writer, academic, filmmaker. Teach broadcast studies at University of Delhi. When not in a classroom I write stories. My work has been published in various newspapers and journals. The short story and the long essay are two forms I enjoy reading and writing most. My work usually explores areas of masculinity, feminism, cinema and urban life. Once upon a time I was a media professional, worked with the Times of India and NDTV. Now I breathe amidst words, chai and youthful students. I live in Delhi, India, without a dog or cat.

The Anger of Saintly Men

The Anger of Saintly Men explores Indian masculinity through a family, three sons being raised in a suburb, Gurgaon, near the capital of India, Delhi. It delves into the frustrations, embarrassments, joy and bewilderment of adolescence, and to the brushes with sex, death, violence that shape the lives of boys and men in India. More than a rites of passage work, this is about the changing hopes and ambitions of a generation growing in a fast changing, globalising India, stifled by the oppressive family still tied in Indian traditions. It reveals the fault lines of how Indian boys are made MEN. Much like Alice Munro’s women & John Updike’s men, Yadav’s Men find themselves caught on the margins of shifting cultural expectations and pulled into conflicting realities — between rootedness and escape, domesticity and freedom, desire and guilt, between tending to familial responsibilities or following the urgent promptings of their own hearts.

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“Anubha Yadav knows men in the way few men know themselves. Her writing creates a fascinating world equally drenched in testosterone and pathos.”

Amitabha Bagchi, winner of DSC Prize for South Asian Literature (2019) for Half the Night is Gone, author of This Place, The Householder & Above Average

“With a brilliantly imagined cast of characters, this novel explores the various woundings and privileges of masculinity with depth and precision. A beautifully evocative, incendiary work. My great congratulations to the author.”

Nayomi Munaweera, winner of the Commonwealth Book Prize (2013) for Island of a Thousand Mirrors, author of What Lies Between Us (2016), which won the Sri Lankan National Book Award for best English novel and the Godage Award

“Anubha Yadav’s stories about dissolute men and feckless boys have an unsentimental, ironic charm. She makes something both light-hearted and deeply moving out of the compelling oppressiveness of family life and one family’s tenuous ambitions and disappointed hopes.”

Anjum Hasan, author of The Cosmopolitans (2015) Difficult Pleasures (2012), Neti, Neti (2009), Lunatic in my Head (2007) and the book of poems Street on the Hill (Sahitya Akademi, 2006)

“This book boils with familial truth of the sort that can neither be concealed, nor ever fully acknowledged. Each story is a punch to the gut.”

Annie Zaidi, winner of the Nine Dots prize (2019) & The Hindu Playwright Award (2018). The author of Gulab, Love Stories # 1-14, Known Turf: Bantering with Bandits and Other True Tales.

“This ratking of stories seems to be composed of secret dispatches from the private lives of Indian males. Boys forced to look at the dead bodies of rail victims, men who never grew up, men plagued by guilt. Throughout there is a rich vein of comedy and the true notes of the human tragedy of wasted lives.”

Jerry Pinto, is the author of the novels Murder in Mahim (2017) and Em and the Big Hoom (2012). Winner of the Hindu Prize, the Crossword Book Award, the Windham-Campbell Prize & the Sahitya Akademi Award.

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