I am a writer, academic, filmmaker. Teach broadcast studies at University of Delhi. When not in a classroom I write stories. My work has been published in various newspapers and journals. The short story and the long essay are two forms I enjoy reading and writing most. My work usually explores areas of masculinity, feminism, cinema and urban life. Once upon a time I was a media professional, worked with the Times of India and NDTV. Now I breathe amidst words, chai and youthful students. I live in Delhi, India, without a dog or cat.


The Marlboro Tears

Posted on 17 Jul 2013 in Anubha Yadav, Features/Unpublished, man/woman, Men, Opinion/Current Affairs, Private Diary of a feminist., Taslima Nasreen, Women | 0 comments

The first time I saw my father cry was when I was in my late twenties. I am sure he had cried before, perhaps many-a-times. Of-course, he must have cried before.From that day, till today, I have wondered on where he cried before? At his office, in the bathroom as he showered(tears unseen even to […]

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Short Fiction

Posted on 06 Jul 2013 in Anubha Yadav, Fiction, Men, Reading Hour, Short Story, Women | 0 comments

My short story, The Room of a Young Man in the July-August issue of Reading Hour. In two days Sucharita knew that memsahib liked to peep inside the room very often. And when Amla was busy in the kitchen Sucharita did the same. At times she poked the door with the long handle of her […]

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