I am a writer, academic, filmmaker. Teach broadcast studies at University of Delhi. When not in a classroom I write stories. My work has been published in various newspapers and journals. The short story and the long essay are two forms I enjoy reading and writing most. My work usually explores areas of masculinity, feminism, cinema and urban life. Once upon a time I was a media professional, worked with the Times of India and NDTV. Now I breathe amidst words, chai and youthful students. I live in Delhi, India, without a dog or cat.


Pillow Talk

Posted on 04 Jul 2015 in 9/11, Anubha Yadav, ATM- All Time Musings, Features/Published, Features/Unpublished, Gender, Just, man/woman, Sort of Ordinary Things | 0 comments

“So, how is marriage treating you?” “It’s all good,” She sighed,” but I really, really miss my pillow.” “So, just carry it to your new home.” “No, no it’s not the same. I will just have to yearn for it till I stop yearning for it.” And she too misses her pillow I thought. I […]

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The f word

Posted on 03 Oct 2012 in ATM- All Time Musings, Dudette Says, Gender, Opinion/Current Affairs, Private Diary of a feminist., slutwalk, Taslima Nasreen, Women | 0 comments

A friend of mine who was doing the matrimonial rounds told me some wonderful stories. Unfortunately, the stories settled with her matrimonial ‘settling’. She said,’When nothing else worked on an ill-suited suitor, who was pursuing her despite her dis-interest, then finally, she use to fire the Ram baan, i.e ‘ I am a feminist’. ‘I […]

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No Agony in ‘Aunty’

Posted on 16 Apr 2010 in Features/Published, Gender | 0 comments

Hindustan Times/Off TrackJanuary17 Recently my sister came to me intently and informed me that the 14- yr- old boy who was at the door to sell a raffle ticket addressed her as Aunty. My sister is thirty-one. Although, I am sure she wanted to correct the young one’s interpretation of her age? Looks! But she […]

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Ms Columbus

Posted on 29 May 2009 in Gender | 0 comments

Passport? Asks, the windowed man,and looks for that figure.Behind? Beside?Beneath?Somewhere.Columbus was a man, you see missySo you can only travel with your better half sissy. I ask you again,you look from a good phamily;Oh, tell, tell me deary?Remember.And think,Are you a miss?Or marital bliss?You see, my hands are tied by the windows behind.Columbus was a […]

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Bolo: Mere Paas Gun Hai!

Posted on 26 Jan 2009 in Gender | 4 comments

Shoot the next Ram or Shiv who dares to touch you! A friend called and seriously enquired if a pepper spray is enough in today’s situation. This was after the rape in Noida. I heard her and tried to placate her out of her insecurity and fear. She told me she plans to acquire a […]

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