I am a writer, academic, filmmaker. Teach broadcast studies at University of Delhi. When not in a classroom I write stories. My work has been published in various newspapers and journals. The short story and the long essay are two forms I enjoy reading and writing most. My work usually explores areas of masculinity, feminism, cinema and urban life. Once upon a time I was a media professional, worked with the Times of India and NDTV. Now I breathe amidst words, chai and youthful students. I live in Delhi, India, without a dog or cat.

ATM- All Time Musings

Pillow Talk

Posted on 04 Jul 2015 in 9/11, Anubha Yadav, ATM- All Time Musings, Features/Published, Features/Unpublished, Gender, Just, man/woman, Sort of Ordinary Things | 0 comments

“So, how is marriage treating you?” “It’s all good,” She sighed,” but I really, really miss my pillow.” “So, just carry it to your new home.” “No, no it’s not the same. I will just have to yearn for it till I stop yearning for it.” And she too misses her pillow I thought. I […]

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Baal Ki Khaal

Posted on 08 May 2015 in Anubha Yadav, ATM- All Time Musings, Opinion/Current Affairs, sarkar, Uncategorized | 0 comments

By Saadat Hasan Manto – “Arrey, who cares for what Manto bhai writes? Manto has a habit of splitting hairs,” said Khan into the receiver before he hung up. He spread his legs some more so some air passes through his tight denims, his tall frame was sprawled on the sofa in his vanity van. […]

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The f word

Posted on 03 Oct 2012 in ATM- All Time Musings, Dudette Says, Gender, Opinion/Current Affairs, Private Diary of a feminist., slutwalk, Taslima Nasreen, Women | 0 comments

A friend of mine who was doing the matrimonial rounds told me some wonderful stories. Unfortunately, the stories settled with her matrimonial ‘settling’. She said,’When nothing else worked on an ill-suited suitor, who was pursuing her despite her dis-interest, then finally, she use to fire the Ram baan, i.e ‘ I am a feminist’. ‘I […]

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A Student of Teaching

Posted on 05 Sep 2012 in ATM- All Time Musings, Being a teacher, Features/Unpublished, Kamala Nehru College, Opinion/Current Affairs, September 5, teacher, Teacher's day, Urban Turban | 0 comments

Teaching was supposed to be a transit career for me. A place where we wait, chat with strangers, sit to read a book, have a relaxed cup of tea- till it is time to board a flight again- for home this time. After seven wonderful years I am still in transit. The cup of tea, […]

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Posted on 15 Oct 2011 in ATM- All Time Musings, Vir Das | 0 comments

Watching Vir Das will make you type this to your friend with hurried and worried fingers as you are still watching the show-‘NLMAO’-in other words: ‘NOT LAUGHING MY ASS OFF.’ The show can have grave consequences for a person’s sense of humor for life, because as people laugh you sit alone with a question- “What […]

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