I am a writer, academic, filmmaker. Teach broadcast studies at University of Delhi. When not in a classroom I write stories. My work has been published in various newspapers and journals. The short story and the long essay are two forms I enjoy reading and writing most. My work usually explores areas of masculinity, feminism, cinema and urban life. Once upon a time I was a media professional, worked with the Times of India and NDTV. Now I breathe amidst words, chai and youthful students. I live in Delhi, India, without a dog or cat.


Pillow Talk

Posted on 04 Jul 2015 in 9/11, Anubha Yadav, ATM- All Time Musings, Features/Published, Features/Unpublished, Gender, Just, man/woman, Sort of Ordinary Things | 0 comments

“So, how is marriage treating you?” “It’s all good,” She sighed,” but I really, really miss my pillow.” “So, just carry it to your new home.” “No, no it’s not the same. I will just have to yearn for it till I stop yearning for it.” And she too misses her pillow I thought. I […]

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Posted on 27 Jun 2013 in 9/11, Anubha Yadav, Fiction, Out of Print, Short Story | 0 comments

My second short story in Out of Print- here’s the link – ’11/9′ – Here’s an excerpt: “…Slowly the conversation gravitates towards re-assessing the indecisions and mistakes of the past (something my mother relishes), this leads to the expected fight, and then a cease fire comes: a silence. Finally, after a long sigh, almost always, […]

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