The Marlboro Tears

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The first time I saw my father cry was when I was in my late twenties. I am sure he had cried before, perhaps many-a-times. Of-course, he must have cried before.From that day, till today, I have wondered on where he cried before? At his office, in the bathroom as he showered(tears unseen even to […]

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Short Fiction/Indian Literature Journal

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My short story Bahadur O’ Bahadur is forthcoming in Sahitya Akademi’s  Journal- Indian Literature(May- June) issue. Do let me know what you think of the story. The Journal is only available offline.  Here’s an excerpt-  When they finally sat outside like every night, with red wine and darkness, the milk and darkness, she told him […]

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Short Fiction

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My short story, The Room of a Young Man in the July-August issue of Reading Hour. In two days Sucharita knew that memsahib liked to peep inside the room very often. And when Amla was busy in the kitchen Sucharita did the same. At times she poked the door with the long handle of her […]

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Posted on 27 Jun 2013 in 9/11, Anubha Yadav, Fiction, Out of Print, Short Story | 0 comments

My second short story in Out of Print- here’s the link – ’11/9′ – Here’s an excerpt: “…Slowly the conversation gravitates towards re-assessing the indecisions and mistakes of the past (something my mother relishes), this leads to the expected fight, and then a cease fire comes: a silence. Finally, after a long sigh, almost always, […]

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No 144 Haazir Ho- Vishwamitras vs Menakas vs Government of India

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No, the boys and the men, the girls and the women protesting at Raisina Hill are not ‘haloed’ people for me. I understand their need and my need to assert but I do not understand this clamor and hurry for this word called ‘justice.’ Justice is not delivered through an ATM machine. So, their anger […]

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To things that Expire; to things that should Expire but do not.

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Unfortunately passports are like human beings- they expire. Which led me to the process of re-issue. Yesterday was my appointment at the ITO passport office, the appointment was for 12:30p.m. I got free at 4:30 in the evening, after a fight and a written complaint against one of the passport officers. The passport work has […]

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