How Not To Talk About Poverty- The Sentimentalist’s Guide.

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Years back, when I studied in Carmel Convent, Delhi, one day my friend was called to the Principal’s office. G was an invisible girl, like me. We were the kind who always sat in the first three rows in class, but were somehow always invisible to the teachers and fellow class mates. Not that they […]

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Kites, Girls & the Blue Sky

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I was about eleven and my elder sister was thirteen- two of my younger sisters were seven and four. We were on a mission. We wanted to fly a kite. Now, the villain, as there is always one amidst such missions was my father- who had somehow smelled the plan and warned us in his […]

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Pillow Talk

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“So, how is marriage treating you?” “It’s all good,” She sighed,” but I really, really miss my pillow.” “So, just carry it to your new home.” “No, no it’s not the same. I will just have to yearn for it till I stop yearning for it.” And she too misses her pillow I thought. I […]

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Baal Ki Khaal

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By Saadat Hasan Manto – “Arrey, who cares for what Manto bhai writes? Manto has a habit of splitting hairs,” said Khan into the receiver before he hung up. He spread his legs some more so some air passes through his tight denims, his tall frame was sprawled on the sofa in his vanity van. […]

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Short Fiction: Bahadur O Bahadur

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Here’s the short fiction piece Bahadur O Bahadur – published in Sahitya Akademi’s Indian Literature Journal.

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Short Fiction Published

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My story, ‘Dancing Girl of Mohenjo-Daro’ in the August issue of The Four Quarters Magazine. Here is an excerpt:  “I was already gliding; one can’t walk inside those doors or over those slippery floors, one can just glide. Inside the lights were yellow, brighter than the sun but still soothing, like yellowish sparkling stars. And […]

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