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My story, ‘Dancing Girl of Mohenjo-Daro’ in the August issue of The Four Quarters Magazine.
Here is an excerpt:  “I was already gliding; one can’t walk inside those doors or over those slippery floors, one can just glide. Inside the lights were yellow, brighter than the sun but still soothing, like yellowish sparkling stars. And it was cool, much cooler than outside, my sweat was already evaporating into a pleasant cool nothingness. The soft flute music made me calm and I forgot how harrowing our journey had been; it was simply lovely to be inside Apsara. I felt lightheaded and light hearted. I was looking at the colored glass of the ceiling and taking a 360- degree-view of the maya around when my brother held my wrist and pulled at it, perhaps wanting me to focus ahead. But then as he pulled at my hand my eyes settled on this girl. She was standing near the first big jewellery shop, on the other side of the ground floor lobby. Her face lit by the same yellow lights. She was wearing a diamond necklace in her long beautiful neck, her slender arms covered with intricate diamond bangles. Her right leg casually placed a little ahead of her left. Her right hand on her waist, proud or defiant: her exquisite beauty. I could not see her eyes but I was sure they were brown like the Sarus at the Kabal lake. She was very fair, almost pink, and had long golden hair, made even more golden by the lights in the Apsara Mall. Her small mouth was painted red like a wild sparrow’s beak.”

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