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My short story Bahadur O’ Bahadur is forthcoming in Sahitya Akademi’s  Journal- Indian Literature(May- June) issue. Do let me know what you think of the story. The Journal is only available offline. 

Here’s an excerpt- 

When they finally sat outside like every night, with red wine and darkness, the milk and darkness, she told him the detailed plan. “The starters can just be the finger food Bahadur. Remember the tray of cheese and the crackers with wine we had served when baba used to have parties. And we can do the grilled paneer tikkas with grilled tomatoes and capsicums on the side. Then we will cut your cake. I will bake it for you myself: a lovely chocolate cake. Don’t you like chocolate cakes?”  Bahadur sat looking at the darkness, his back facing her. The loud slurp swallowed some darkness every time he drank the bournvita milk. Finally after some silence and a few slurps he relented, “ok, bon baby, ok! Now let’s sleep.”

*These stories are a part of my short story collection that explores urban living and the individual.


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