No 144 Haazir Ho- Vishwamitras vs Menakas vs Government of India

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No, the boys and the men, the girls and the women protesting at Raisina Hill are not ‘haloed’ people for me. I understand their need and my need to assert but I do not understand this clamor and hurry for this word called ‘justice.’ Justice is not delivered through an ATM machine. So, their anger is con’fuss’ed. It is anger against a system failing at everything. It is not about the rapes only, alone, anymore. Which is obvious as this nation can demoralize and confuse Vishawamitra. Now, is that a patriarchal example? Urvashi? Menaka et al? But then that is how deep our masculine (read patriarchal)culture goes.
We don’t even know we are patriarchs most of the time. I can count many on fb itself.
The counter-attack of the state that happened yesterday needs to be thought on calmly. As it is not a symptom. But a part of the disease, that led to the gruesome rape ‘s’. What happened yesterday is the level at which Indian politics operates today.
We have no leader who has the gumption, the moral fiber to stand before their own angry people to talk. We do not have one. What does that mean?
Also, every time a collection of innocent- angry- people happens, I, my friends, (who are active in student politics and other politics) keep worrying if this will be hijacked by a political party. I would not be scared of this hijacking, if it was merely verbal- rabble- rousing kinds, this hijacking also means, one or two hired miscreants will start something that will lead to triggered  violence. One stabbing. One molestation. One hired man. You can imagine how simple that is when a large crowd collects. Now today this is the level of our politics: here a peaceful protest can cost a number of lives because an opposition party wanted to gain some brownies in the situation. If I am the ruling govt. in this situation I am in a certain catch 22 and I would wish to protect my image(no they do not care about the people dying). But then, the question also is how does the same govt find ways to ensure a safe- Commonwealth games, with millions of people from the world; ensures that a safe Sonia Gandhi rally can be done in Gujarat; ensures that a cricket match between India and Pakistan can be conducted anywhere. Then why can’t they ensure that a protest be done safely at India Gate? Why do they attack us? Unless they see us on the other side. We are perhaps on the other side. We perhaps deserve 144.


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